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    AFG Florida South CONVENTION with AA Participation

    Bonaventure Resort & Spa, Weston, FL

    Big Island of Serenity 2020 AFG Convention

    31st Annual AFG Florida South Convention with A.A. Participation

    August 21, 2020 - August 23, 2020

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    ALATEEN CONVENTION NOTE: (August 21-23--Weston, FL--Big Island of Serenity Alateen Program)

    Unfortunately, there were no volunteers to take up the Alateen Program.  Since we do not have an AMIAS in the area to do the Alateen Program this year our convention will not have a separate Alateen Program.  Alateens are welcome to attend the regular Al-Anon meetings at convention but all teens will be the responsibility of their parents. There will be no pizza party.  If teens attend the convention the only Saturday night meal option will be the banquet for $55.00 or the Serenity Meal Plan for $80.00 for breakfast, lunch and the banquet.  Although there will not be a specific Alateen program the registration price will remain $15.00.