District Business Meeting

DISTRICT MEETING WILL BE HELD VIA ZOOM.  For Zoom meeting ID and password can be obtain from these sources:

*  Your district email address (ie:  group or position@NaplesAl-Anon.org)  An invitation was emailed to you.  *or*

*  “Members” section of our website *or*

*  Email Webmaster@NaplesAl-Anon.org to request information.

Who Should Attend:

  • District Officers (District Representative,  Alternate DR, Secretary, Treasurer, Al-Anon Information Services Liaison, Alt AISL and Literature Distribution Center Chairperson)
  • Information Services Chairpersons (Alateen, Archives, Group Records, Literature, Newsletter, CPC, Public Information, Institutions, Latino Public Outreach, Speakers Bureau, Telephone Answering Service, )
  • Group Representatives/Information Services Representative
  • Interested Members–all Al-Anon members are welcome!

Time:  6:30-8:30